CTBUH Individual Membership Registration

Thank you for your interest in becoming an individual member of the CTBUH.

You will need access to your email account to complete the registration process. Please also have the following information ready before you begin:

  • Membership Level – See more on membership generally, for membership level choices and benefits at each level.
  • Payment Information – Please have your credit card information in advance.

Important: You must complete the entire registration process in one session. Please make sure you have the above information before starting. But don't worry, the registration process is very simple and can be completed in minutes.

Start Registration Process

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For your company name, start typing the name and matching results will be displayed in a dropdown. Select one from the dropdown list to use a company that's already in our system.

If you are retired, enter "Retired". If you are a student, enter the name of your university. If you have no company name, enter "Individual".